Celebrating Languages Week Term at Lesmurdie SHS in 2020

In Term 3, Lesmurdie SHS became a hub for language and cultural activities…Languages Week? Nope!……In the hills we do things on a larger scale…Languages Term!

Year 7 and 8 students taste tested antipasti italiani during the incursion, un gusto italiano. Students were motivated to create a poster/AV in our school competition, Perché studiare l’italiano? Other activities included, how to say hello in different languages competition, giant Kahoot e Tombola of course!

Year 8 students commenced their lezioni di cucina regionale! Lots of activities with recipes, AVs, language building presentations and finally rewarded with cucinare and mangiare!

Year 9s produced the most amazing presentations for their monumenti italiani assessment. An assessment designed to present to primary school students in our intake area – of course this was cancelled, so the presentations will be filmed and/or presented digitally. One group found a musical representation all about Italy called … I want to go to Italy – which has become the Year 7s theme song for the year!! An absolute joy to hear and watch them sing to their hearts content. Why not check it out?

Anno 9 and Anno 10 participated in the Come dire l’orario …TIC TOC quiz… TIC TOC biscuits, that is! Lots of mini lessons with our language assistant, Prof Giulia from Pisa, supporting language learning. A highlight from Prof Giulia, a special presentation for Year 9s about Leonardo Da Vinci …to celebrate his 500th year of his death. The Gita a Fremantle an out of the ordinary outing due to this out of the ordinary year for the students…again another highlight! After a year of cancellations we were able to visit the Maritime Museum – this year’s theme of Italy was very well supported through the Immigration Galleries, Ancient Rome Exhibition and Twilight Italy exhibition…and of course we took a typical stroll through Fremantle ending on the Cappuccino strip for la pizza al forno at Pizzeria Sandrino and a short ride to Dolce & Salato…gelato e dolci per tutti!!

A disappointing year for students in Anno 10 e Anno 11, having to deal with the cancellation of the 2020 Languages, Arts and Cultural Tour. As a minor gestures to console them, they participated in a pranzo italiano, lezioni di cucina and a cena italiana scheduled for what was to be, our departure date!

Student perspective:

The welcome walls located at Fremantle maritime museum represent the impact of immigration on the Western Australian pier alone. The names engraved on the walls represent the ancestor of those around me and the journey they took to come and make a life for themselves in Australia and proclaim it home. Upstairs in the museum, the impact of immigration is prominent with relics of all cultures making up a wide exhibition of appreciation and representation. These cultures have merged to make up a country of cultural significance.

Di-Andra Year 10

Our class visited the Fremantle museum, viewing the welcome walls which were covered top to bottom in names of Italian arrivals, the ship name upon which they arrived, and the year of arrival. We also looked at the rocks that used to stretch out across the port, but were removed in order to allow for passage of the boats. We got to see many images and replicas of Italian art and culture, as well as clothing, and the boats they arrived on.

Studying Italian immigration was very enjoyable, as learning about the history and experience of these Italian families became very interesting, and seeing first hand evidence of boats they had arrived on, or the names on the welcome walls, made it feel much more real and made me think more about what immigration was like for the Italians.

Grace Year 10

The Fremantle museum was an amazing experience seeing the main part of Italian culture going back to the ancient times where they built everything during the roman empire with their outfit during the times, how they told the time, how they measured the land, how they built the colosseum, the pizza and gelato made my day. It was delicious!!

Liddiè Year 10

Many moved to Australia for a new life, many men came alone and then called their wives and children over afterwards. The Italian community provided and shared many things with the Australians and Europeans and spread their; culture, beliefs and traditions. Going to the welcome walls was super interesting to see how many people actually came here in different ships and years. Seeing Italian culture in Ancient Rome and the gravel roads which are still there! The exploration of the sky high helicopters on display was super interesting to see the landscape of Italia.

Divya Year 10

Languages Week 2020 at Canning Vale College

Canning Vale College celebrated Languages Week with a calendar of fun activities run during recess and lunch. Students participated in a world languages quiz, rock painting and origami. They played Italian bocce, the Indonesian game lomba memasukkan pensil dalam botol and travelled around the world using a photo booth. There was also an international volleyball match between Indonesia and Italy (the two languages taught at CVC), in which, after intense competition, the Italian team emerged triumphant. Canning Vale College and other local primary and secondary schools also organised a languages exhibition at Amherst Village Library displaying student work.

Last modified: November 30, 2020

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