Looking for relief work

If you are a teacher of Italian looking for relief work, then WAATI is looking for you!!
We would like to set a list of people prepared to do teacher relief in Italian classes to share with our members. Often relief lessons are a problem because people don’t know of a teacher who can manage the language.

All you need is a TRBWA number and a WWC, and possibly an ID number for Det schools.
So what to do? Email secwaati@gmail.com with your name, contact email and phone, TRBWA/DETWA/WWC numbers, the days you would be available, the areas you are prepared to cover and what year levels you are prepared to take on – K-12.

Then we will compile a list in table form and make it available to members, who will be able to contact people direct. WAATI does not act as a job agency, but having such a list would be of great benefit to many members.

Don’t forget to head to MLTWA and renew your membership to ensure that you continue to be a WAATI member.

Last modified: April 27, 2016

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