You are invited to become a member of WAATI. As WAATI is a fully affiliated member of the MLTAWA, all memberships are handled through that association. Membership is for one year from 31 March to 30 March. Go to to join.


Membership is due each year by March 31 and is currently set at $85 for all three associations – WAATI, MLTAWA and AFMLTA. If you also wish to join a further Single Language Association, you will need to add $30 for each additional association. Membership is valid until March 31 each year. Unpaid memberships will lapse.

New Members:

Go to and follow the links and prompts to join.

Renewing Members:

To renew existing membership, go to Please login first and you’ll find that a lot of the membership form is pre-filled, ready for you to update and amend as necessary. Please check all information is up to date each year and changed if and when information changes. (New school? New address? New phone? New email?)

Amici di WAATI

We offer a reduced membership ($10) for retired teachers and university students that we call Amici di WAATI. This is a great way to stay in touch with WAATI events if you are an aspiring Italian teacher or a retired teacher who enjoys keeping in touch with colleagues. This membership does not allow you to vote at AGMs.

To join “Amici di WAATI” just pay the $10 directly into our bank account using your surname and Amici as the reference.

Bank details are:

BSB 066107

Account number 00921288

Membership benefits:

Strong advocacy for the teaching and learning of languages in Western Australia

Representation at forums and symposiums in the wider education community at the national, state, and local levels

Membership of the Australian Federation of Modern Languages Teachers’ Associations (AFMLTA), which represents languages and language teachers both nationally and internationally (AFMLTA is affiliated with FIPLV – Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes)

Members’ rates for professional learning activities, including some free workshops

Links to local, national and international networks of colleagues

Subscription to Babel, the journal of the AFMLTA, and the AFMLTA News in Brief

Access to the WAATI, MLTAWA and AFMLTA websites, keeping you up-to-date with local and national languages events and developments and special members-only resources on the WAATI and MLTAWA websites

Email updates on emerging trends and events in language education

Free social networking functions such as the famous MLTAWA Sundowner

Subsidised AGM functions for both WAATI and MLTAWA

Eligibility for the MLTAWA Hilde Dixon Award

Eligibility to nominate a principal for the MLTAWA Principal’s Award

Eligibility for the WAATI Exemplary Teacher Award

Eligibility for nomination for a PTCWA Award from either association – for services to the professional associations

Opportunity to apply for an Italian Assistente to assist in your school

Opportunity to involve your school in the WAATI Exchange program

Opportunity to enrol your Year 10, 11 and 12 students in the WAATI Exams

Opportunity to enter students in WAATI Competitions

Opportunity to have some of your students attend WAATI Student Events and Activities

PLEASE NOTE: Only financial members may nominate office bearers, stand for office, vote or list agenda items for consideration by the WAATI membership. To access the benefits listed above you must be a financial member.

Last modified: April 27, 2016

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