1. Can I join just WAATI?

No, WAATI is fully affiliated with the MLTAWA and all members are required to be members of MLTAWA.

2. Can I just sign up on paper?

No, all memberships are handled online by the MLTAWA.

3. Can I pay for membership online?

Yes. Please go to the Join MLTAWA page and follow the prompts.

4. I teach at more than one school. Do I have to be a member at all schools?

No. Membership is personal, not institutional. But please do let us know the names of all the schools you work at for our records.

5. Do you offer special student membership? How about for retired teachers?

We welcome all language educators – students, retirees, lecturers, part-time, relief, and so on – to join MLTAWA. There is just one fee for all members and no discounts.

6. It’s now September (for example) and I want to become a member. Can I pay for part of the year?

Unfortunately we do not have a pro-rata membership for part of a year. If you pay in September you will be a member until the end of the calendar year.

7. What are the MLTAWA and the AFMLTA?

WAATI sits as a Single Language Association under the state professional body for all languages, the Modern Language Teachers Association of Western Australia (MLTAWA, www.mltawa.asn.au). The Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA Inc.) is the national professional body representing teachers of all languages in Australia. Babel is the journal of the AFMLTA. Visit their website at http://afmlta.asn.au/

8. Can I apply for an Assistente or to be part of the Exchange without being a member?

No. All teachers wishing to avail themselves of any WAATI programs must be current financial members.

Last modified: April 27, 2016

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