ELi Italiano Lingua Straniera per conoscere il Sommo Poeta e la sua opera … imparando la lingua italiana !

Firenze attivita

Firenze scheda

ITALIAN CONTRIBUTION – you might find the following link useful for Australian contribution. It is information on Romaldo Giurgola, the Italian who won the competition to design Australia’s parliament house –  http://www.businessinsider.com.au/the-italian-who-designed-australias-parliament-house-has-died-2016-5


Official links

Languages Online: Tried and true, this site from the Victorian Dept of Education has a huge selection of games. You can also make your own!

Italy from the Inside: A great blog with heaps of information on everyday life in Italy. Lots of kid friendly content

Radio Arlecchino: A useful site for comedi dell’arte

BBC: A practical course for beginners with a wide range of tasks and activities

Oggi e Domani: 20 lessons on basic Italian vocab (inc sound)

Link vari

Uni of Toronto: A very comprehensive set of links to a wide number of pages about all things Italian

Mad about Italy: A site dedicated to those in love with Italy

Italian VFL/AFL Team of the Century: An initiative by the AFL, this site lists all the players (VFL and AFL) of Italian origins.

Why study Italian?: Some useful reasons to provide admin, students and parents to continue studying Italian

All things Italian: Another long list of links to sites related to Italy and things Italian

Giovani Italiani Australia GIA: A site dedicated to connecting young Italo-Australians to a range of relevant sites.

Last modified: April 27, 2016

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